All parking charge notices are issued by Parking Lots Ltd, Any payments made on this website are paid directly to Parking Lots Ltd.

PLEASE NOTE: Failure to enter the correct PCN NUMBER may result in your payment being void and additional costs incurred.

Making Payment

By Post Payments

Please refer to the details on the rear of the Parking Charge Notice for information on how to pay by these methods.

Online Payments

To pay your PCN, you will require your PCN Number. 

From the list below, select the amount you are required to pay and fill out the form.

Parking Charge Notice - £60.00

Parking Charge Notice - £100.00

PLEASE NOTE: Your Parking Charge Notice must be within 14 days for the discounted price of £60.00 to apply

PLEASE NOTE: If your Parking Charge Notice is over 14 days then the discounted rate will no longer apply and will revert to £100 payable within 28 days